Local Beer is the Best Beer

As I haven't written about beer yet I thought I might start with advocating the wonderful local brews that I've had. I'm particularly fond of local brews because of my belief that they contribute to local economy and lucky for me Pennsylvania has some of the best beer in the US.

Victory Brewing Company

While I may not be a fan of their Hop Devil, Victory's award winning Golden Monkey is perhaps the best beer I've ever had in my life. It is preferable to most beers because of the delicious nature of this brew. It is an unfiltered Belgian style ale that has a slightly spicy taste. This is by far my favorite local beer and is well worth the price (for you stingy guys out there).

Lancaster Brewing Company's

Another favorite of mine is Lancaster Brewing Company's Amish Four Grain Ale and especially their Milk Stout. As far as I know they are not widely available outside of the Pennsylvania area but both (along with their Strawberry Wheat Beer) are worth the trouble of finding. My preference out of their lineup is the Milk Stout (which is a wonderfully flavorful dark ale) but you'll have to try their entire lineup and find one for yourself.

Yuengling Brewery

Finally any trek through Pennsylvania beer wouldn't be complete without mentioning Yuengling Brewery. Yuengling boasts itself as the oldest brewery in the U.S. and that age hasn't taken one thing away from their taste. While their staple Yuengling Lager may not be the best beer in the world but it is however a good beer and well worth having.

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