Christan apologists and Atheist apologists scare me sometimes. As I've examined the field of Apologetics, I must say that some apologists are the most egotistical, self-serving people that write on the internet. In most ways they disgust me. Some of the well known apologists aren't that bad (i.e. William Lane Craig or J.L. Mackie), but when you start to look for other bloggers that are apologists and like debate, you begin to find that most are not interested in truth but are, rather, bitter at Atheists or Theists and attack them with a lot of spite and the backing of manipulative mainstream writers. Rather than looking at evidence with an impartial view, they simply explain away most of the other party's great contentions and make short quips about the other's position, ignoring the verifiability that the other position may have. They argue over classic arguments that have been put forward by others 50+ years ago, for few are in touch with modern scholarship.

If I could have one thing in life, I would ask for a community where each side graciously respected the other's position while carefully examining its own. The greatest criticism of Atheism and Theism should not come from outside, but from within. If we want to began to openly dialog and debate issues in a less propagandized manner, we first need to criticize our own position. In using "propagandized" I mean that I fear that both sides of this messy internet debate are doing themselves a great injustice by just looking for fuel for their already set ideals. The only way to stop this is to realize that we need to respect each other and engage in debates in a less inflammatory manner. If you're a Christian, you really need to examine your motivation for talking about apologetic topics. If you're an atheist, please, just be civil. I believe that civility and humility can go a long way when engaging in debates.

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