Alister McGrath and Richard Dawkins

The Times Online published two articles, one by Alister McGrath and one by Richard Dawkins . McGrath wrote a short article proposing questions that he believes science (and in extension Dakwins) cannot answer. Dawkins wrote to defend his position and to attack McGrath's. Throughout each article McGrath and Dawkins both add little quips about their opponents (though Dawkins's remarks are much more biting and bitter).

I think that these articles bring up a great question: "What are the limits of science?" Can Dawkins make the assertion that religion is a short cut to scientific answers and in extension say that science will one day explain things such as the Laws of Physics? Even if science provided an explanation for Physics, would that explanation mean that there was no God? I think certainly not. Evolution is now being accepted in Christian intellectual circles, and still Christianity continues to march on. If this has not stopped religion, what will? The explanation of Physics? I highly doubt it.

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