AHHHHH, us Americans, we're so pathetic, we write online journals and pretend like the world will somehow care about our thoughts, our opinions, our beliefs. We talk in a conversation and can't wait until it's our turn so as OUR opinion about the matter can be heard. Why are WE so WE focused? I've just about had enough of it. We are so infatuated with the idea that we are somehow the center of the nice neat little universe. Blogging is a great example of this. I dare you to spend ten minutes on a blog and then tell me I'm wrong. Egomaniacs, that's what we are, there is no other explanation. We pretend like our opinions matter, like we've somehow written or said something profound every time that we open our mouths. We all need a good dose of humility or at least I do.

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Amy said...

or maybe just a reality check