I'm a member of 43 Things, it is a site that allows you to list 43 goals that you want to do before you die. It sends you an email everyday if you want it to, so as to remind you of that thing that you want to do. As I was browsing through others goals (most were similar to mine) I realized how un-unique my dreams really are. Here I thought I was this great dreamer that wanted to do wonderful things with his life, but alas, so is everyone else. I don't know what to make of this, other than I feel that my dreams are almost cheap, the one's that mean the most to me are haphazardly put on someone's list as something that at some point they would like to do. As if my dream where not something special, no more unique than skydiving or "Swimming with the dolphins", These things mean the world to me, with every heartbeat and every thought I am Hell bent on making them happen. I feel deep inside my chest this resolve to take the world and make it mine. But then doesn't everyone?

This is my list

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Amy said...

I guess the thing that could set you apart from all the other people is actually accomplishing your goals. It's a pretty safe bet that most people don't.