I spent a few minutes looking at my old blog, the one I kept while I was in Masters Commission *. Wow, it really is horrible stuff, you can tell the misdirected excitement and misunderstanding. I would advise anyone who wants a good laugh or who need to vomit to take a good look at it. It amazes me how much one can change and learn about the world in a little over a year. So much has changed; I don't have the innocent vigor that I had when I was in the program. I think however I am the better because of it, I consider myself more well versed (not nearly enough though) and just an all around more level headed guy. But all the same, for those who know me, looking back and seeing all the spelling errors and the narcissistic attitude I had might be a little fun.

*Masters Commission is a one year discipleship program. It was one of the best things that happened in my life.


JT said...

I hear you man...I think I became a completely different person every year of college...amazing how your view of the world, and hence yourself, changes as you learn.

Jared said...

I liked worship when I first came to valley forge. And I liked the fact that they had alot of rules. I say we ought to praise God for who we are now, and how we now view our relationship with God. We've worked, and continue working through our faith with fear and trembling. Many blinders have been removed (i'll not pretend that maybe some added!) and I know ever thought or action now carries greater depth and credibility. All to the glory of God, once I get over myself.

Great blog, Matt!!