"We let the leaders lead, the teachers tell us what
to think, and the evangelists pull in the souls for the kingdom.
It's called outsourcing, and really, it makes life so much easier.
I feel gutted that I wasted years chasing after the wrong goal
altogether. Actually, "chasing" makes it sound like too active a
pursuit, and it's probably far more accurate to describe much of
my early Christian walk as a "slouch." I was a firm-if not exactly
conscious-believer that it was more important to go along to an
event than to work on my lifestyle. Evangelism was more about
clinching the deal with a prayer of repentance than discipling
friends. Worship was about singing the notes right, playing the
tunes well, and making sure it looked and sounded right. As for
the heart behind it all ... let's just say it needed some surgery." -Craig Borlase

Just read a little from Mr Boriase's book The Naked Christian at The Relevant Store. Really good stuff. If anyone wants to get me a New Years present this would be a great book to send me :). I would be grateful for all eternity to someone who bought this book for me.

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