IWhat do an Atheist and me have in common?
We both hate main stream Christians…here is the thing, I love God with all my heart, but man I just can't stand the way that Christians think sometimes. Putting out ridiculous literature and talking about "The Liberal Agenda". Christians have no legitimate claims within this world and in fact they are so blinded by what is going on in the world by what they call their "Theology" that they can't possibly see things for how they really are. The main stream church has blinded them so much its ridiculous. GOD IS NOT A REPUBLICAN! YOU WILL NOT GOT TO HELL FOR VOTING DEMOCRATIC or any other way for that matter. Democrats are not the antichrist and the church needs to stop treating them like they are. People should not be shunned for their differences in opinion. I simply ask people to stop jumping to drastic conclusions and stop waging war with the world and just do what Jesus did and encouraged them to do. Love, the single greatest commandment, Love the Lord your God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. God didn't ask us to take side with the republicans and God is not just in the GOP. I bet God even loves some of those Dems...or have I gone to far? That's why Atheists hate Christians. We can be so bull headed. Learn to learn.

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Davo9186 said...

Amen, left leaning christians in this country (Australia) also face similar struggles. Keep in touch. Dave