I believe that there is something in a human being called original sin, scripture clearly points this out and it also seems logical to me. I believe that because of this original sin, upon birth our souls are dead to God. I believe that God made various covenants with Abraham and the Israelites so that Salvation may be brought to the whole world. I believe that God's ultimate plan was to use Israel as an example of how he redeems his people (Judges, Exodus...) We learn theology through the history of the Bible, I don't believe that the Bible was written for its historical accuracy (it is a book that is, like Christ, fully human and fully man), but it was written to show an accurate theology of how God deals with redeeming his people. I do not believe in a dispensationalist theology. I believe that God's first plan has always been to redeem humankind through Christ. I believe that salvation is a work of God, and of man. Salvation starts with the work of God and man then has the decision to make. At birth mans spirit is dead, so he must be resurrected (reborn) to be able to know the things of God. The spiritual rebirth happens upon the hearing of the Gospel of Christ (which in the short version, Man has fallen and thus needs a savior,Christ, being God in the Flesh, has come to redeem in his death all mankind), God resurrects the soul and it is at this point man is given the opportunity to choose Christ and salvation. I do not claim to know the way in which our saviour will return, I only will say that he is coming back. I continue to believe all of this for two reasons, Christ has first done a work in me that I could not have done apart from myself, I believe that the integration that has taken place between myself and God has been real, I can feel it, I can attest to it in my spirit. I know without a shadow of a doubt that there is a God for this reason. This however is very illogical, so the only other solid proof that I can rationalize is the moral question. I believe that morals are a direct result of being created in the image of God. This is the only logical way I can reconcile my faith.

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