How in the world is one supposed to be a Christian in our modern time? It seems nearly impossible to want to shack myself up with the "Christians" that would picket bar's and blowup abortion clinics. How is one supposed to make a moral decision in this time and by what is a moral desicion made? Jesus only left us with a few instructions about how to live our lives and everything else is just trying to live that out in our everyday lives. Do Christians really belong in politics? With so much technology and so many advancements in modern medicine is it really right to say that stem cell research is wrong. Are we being moral by advocating a "Pro-Life" stance or just really being bigoted morons who are to stupid to even see that 50% of embryos don't even make it past the first few weeks. Really think about the good that stem cell research could do for the world. A cure for Alzheimer's maybe? Is that really all that bad? How does one balance out being moral and being rational and being Christian. Are we still so paranoid as to think that somehow some forms of Education are trying to instill communist values while we are not paying attention. What about universal healthcare? WHEN DID VOTING FOR SOMETHING GOOD BECOME AN ISSUE THAT WAS CHRISTIAN OR UNCHRISTIAN!!! Is it now an issue because we have to identify with the candidate that identifies himself as being "moral" or "Christian"...you know if they were really Christian they might think about a government regulated healthcare system. ARE WE SO BLIND? We have truly forgotten what really is important in life and we have replaced it with money and meaningless fears. Sometimes I think that we as Christians are fueled not by God anymore but by our fear. Take a look sometime at your local Christian bookstore and see how many books they have that are on "The End Times". What the heck is that...how many washed up ideas about Russian being the government that will take over the world have there been. I mean really think about it. How many times have you had a "Revelation" speaker speak at your church and they've "Laid Out" God's entire plan for the end of the world. Isn't it wonderful that God told so many people back in the 80's how the world was going to end with a huge war between Russia and America? We are truly deceived. Well I guess that's gotten off of my chest. Any comments or questions please ask I would love to talk about anything that I have mentioned. Please do respond I could use the debate.

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Amy said...

Who's to say that the embryos that end up being used for stem cell research aren't the ones that were going to make it? Who are you to play God and decide which ones live or die?

Killing all the people who habor hate for others (racists, etc.) would take care of a lot of problems in the world as well, but it wouldn't be right to kill them. So why destroy embryos for the process especially when it is possible to use adult stem cells instead.

I love you honey.

Anonymous said...

I love you too. THanks for tying to argue with me.